The Small Things

{Annie moving in on my boyfriend's birthday cheesecake}

{Annie's extreme cuteness}

{Vanilla Bean Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory}

{Annie sunbathing}


{New H&M sunglasses}

{New H&M bracelets}

{Love my gems and stones rings}

{New Dolche Vita gladiators from my boyfriend}

{Love the backs}

{Summer scarfs}

{Love the blue}

{Gearing up for Harry Potter}

{Blue nails}

Obsessed with Pinterest

For anyone and everyone that loves fashion, photos, makeup, design, art, and everything glorious get on this site! It's so fun and an awesome way to keep the things you love all in spot. Here is my Pinterest account (click to check it out).  You have to be invited on this site,  I'll send you an e-mail invite if you want to do it!

The Small Things

{Marshall's Dress to wear for my boyfriend's Birthday Celebration and a dress from a best friend}
{I love this yellow Forever 21 Dress my friend gave to me}
{Love the patterns and colors on this dress}

{Taxi in Columbus covered in miscellaneous objects}

{Colors I've been using}

{Ocean blues}

{Sea anemone blast}

{Up Close}

{Balloon Puffs}

{Newly sharpened pencils}

{Soy Candles from Target}

{New Gilligan & O'Malley underwear}

{So comfortable and cute}

The Small Things

{The Art Spark}

{Blue and Orange}

{Mixing Paint with Kids}

{Seeing the awesome art they create}

{Art Materials}

{Our Blue and Orange Lights in the Studio}

{Annie sitting on my chair}

{My New Notebook}

{My Parrot Paperweight}

{Friendship Bracelets}

{Using neat liquor bottles as vases}

The Small Things

{Making coffee in the morning}

{Lots of delicious spices}

{My Cookbooks}


{Kitchen Essentials}


{When there's nothing left in your fridge}

{Make and Egg Sandwich}

{Pretty wrapping paper}


{Rainy Days at Home}

{Watercolors with my sister}