Fresh Picked Inspirations

{Remembering that there's beauty in the breakdown}

{Still pretending you're a mermaid when you're 23}

{Dreaming of going to the ocean}

{Summer nights and Fresh Mint Juleps}

{Laughing with a sister}

{Loose buns and sea air}

{Large cups of coffee}

{Animals and men who love them}

{Saying goodbye to insecurities and hello to new adventures} 
{Making art a constant in life}

The Small Things

{Plants at my parent's house}

{Rainbow outside our apartment window}


{Sookie (My sister's kitty)}

{Sookie and Hannah}

{Old Family Photos}

{Old Whiskey jug and vintage glasses}

Mad Men Chic

I watched all four seasons of the show Mad Men in about three weeks.  I loved the show.  It sucks you right into the twisted world of Don Draper.  The show is set in the late 1950s/early 1960s.  The fashion on the show is just incredible.  I put together an outfit for a more modern Mad Men look. Enjoy!
1. Mod Cloth Paradise Pond Dress $185
2. Anthropologie Robin's Egg Wedges $198
3. Froever 21 Floral Cluster Ring $5
5. Anthropologie Swirled Cat Vintage Shades $278
6. Anthropologie Tea Rose Wallet $118
7. Deborah Lippman Nail Color in Supermodel $16

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

So this morning I decided to make a batch of these yummy mini chocolate chippers.  This is a lower fat and calorie recipe and they are pretty tiny, but I'm trying to be good and eat healthier.  They taste fantastic and super chocolatey and there's no sugar substitutes or anything artificial in them.  I doubled the recipe because I wanted to freeze some of the dough so I can make some cookies for when I visit my friends this weekend.  I also added extra vanilla extract because my mom would always do this when she baked her cookies and they just have a much richer decadent taste. The recipe has you set the oven at 375 degrees, but I lowered it to 350 and only baked these little chippers for 5 minutes.  I like my cookies pretty soft and because they are so tiny they bake up quick.  Also forewarning, pretty sure my cat, Annie, will be in almost every post.  She follows me everywhere (which I love), but she watched the rain out the window, while I made these cookies and I had to include her.  What are some of your favorite dessert recipes?

The Small Things

{Stripes and Polka-Dots; H&M Dress and Mod Cloth Dress}
Here are some of the small things I am appreciating around me today.  I love opening up my closet and seeing these fun polka-dots and bold stripes.  Both dresses have been perfect to wear with the muggy wet weather we've been having.  Both are made from lightweight material.  I love Voluspa candles, because they smell so divine and the tins are loverly.  I didn't want to throw away the tins once they were  done, so I cleaned them out and used them to store lipstick and gloss, safety pins, and paperclips.  I haven't had much time to cook these last couple of days, so I'm thinking of cracking one of these cookbooks tomorrow and making something yummy.  Also, I haven't worn this peachy skirt from H&M yet, but I think this weekend when I visit my friends in Oxford it will be a good pick with a striped shirt.  Last but not least My Little Miss Annie who likes to sit by the nail polish in the bathroom window and lick the steam off the window after someone has showered.  Oh kitties. What are the small things that are making you happy today?  

{Old Voluspa Candle Tins as organizers}

{Cookbooks in my kitchen}

{A Peachy Pick for Spring; H&M skirt}

{Essie and Annie}

The Small Things

{My BCBG Wedges from Marshalls (they look great with so many outfits)}

This week started off to a shaky start.  I had to sort through and figure out Student Loan payments and a budget plan.  Once this was figured out and all the lovely phone calls had been made, I felt much better.  Thank goodness I have a boyfriend, family, and friends that helps me stay calm and clear headed.  I know that once I start paying these loans, I won't have very much spending money.  Looking around my apartment, I have so many wonderful trinkets, objects, etc. that already make me so very happy.  I need to be thankful for all that I have and appreciate the small things around me.  Here are some things that I find lovely and make me happy every day.  What makes you feel randomly happy?
{Potted Basil from my Mom}

{Annie and the  Pepperomia Rainbow and Flaming Katie plants I potted}

{Coaster from Pier 1 I use as a spoon rest}

{My jewelry collection I keep in Antique and Thrift store teacups and bowls}

{The Antique Face Powder tin I found in Waynesville}

{The chest my friend Casey and I shared in college, also found in Waynesville}

Watercolor Bouquets and Crystals

I've been working on a series of brightly colored watercolors and colored pencil drawings to sell on Etsy.    It's been so amazing getting back into doing personal art.  I haven't had very much time to just sit down and focus on all the different subjects I've been wanting to explore and make art about.  When I was in school I did a series of monotypes, etchings, and lithographs that were all about marine life, coral, and aquatic plants.  I've been so inspired by the beauty, design, and color of flowers.  Sitting at my kitchen table with my headphones on, listening to the Almost Famous Soundtrack and Elizabethtown soundtrack doing my art has been therapeutic and rewarding. Hopefully I'll have some more watercolors and drawing to show in the next couple of weeks as well as have an Etsy site going. 

Beauty Collector

I will be the first one to admit that I am in love with beauty products.  When I pass a magazine stand and there's an Elle or Glamour with "100 Best Beauty Products" printed across the front of it, my first intention is to flip to the article in excited anticipation.  I think it all started when I went to New York City with my friend Shawn in the 7th or Eighth Grade. I went to the Sephora store in Times Square and it was like someone let a sugar deprived four year old inside Willy Wonka's Factory.  I wanted Everything... Over the years I've started a collection of my favorite products.  Here are a select few that have made my life more complete.  What are some of your favorites?

1. Coty Luminous Translucent Air Spun Loose Face Powder Fragrance-Free $7
 -I have pale combination T-Zone gets super shiny and it drives me crazy.  I want my skin to be healthy and not completely matte looking, but I don't want to have a beacon of light on my face either.  This powder is a perfect product to help your skin look fresh, healthy, and soft.  It's a lightweight powder that can be applied with a big pouf that comes in the compact.  I keep it in my purse for quick touch ups when I go out.  It work especially well in these humid rainy spring months when my face tends to get a bit shinier.

2.NARS Orgasm Blush $27
 - This blush is ALWAYS on the top lists of make-up artists, style gurus, and celebrities.  And I totally 100% agree with them.  This blush is beautifully peachy and shimmery and works with my pale-pink complexion.  It immediately gives your whole face a natural flush that stays on throughout the day.  The price tag is a little much, especially for us budgeters, but it looks amazing and lasts you for a long time, because a small sweep across your cheeks is all you need.

3. L'Oreal True Match Foundation $11
- I put a dab of this foundation on a make-up sponge and blend it onto my face and immediately I see redness and blotchiness start to disappear.  This foundation has no fragrance, oils, or fillers that clog up your pores.  You feel like your skin can breathe and look smooth and flawless at the same time.  

4. Bigelow Menthe Lip Shine $8
-My friend Emily gave me this and I'm addicted to it now.  It freshens your breath and lips with icy mint and gives your lips a subtle shine.  It keeps your lips super hydrated with the peppermint oil that's in it.  

5. NARS Pure Matte Lipstick $25
-Sometimes you just went that Fashion Model nude pout.  This lipstick is rich and silky and comes in lots of pretty shades.  One of the WORST possible things a long-wearing lipstick can do is dry out your lips. This stuff keeps them moist and not sticky.  I like the Madere nude color and pair it with done up smoky eyes for a night out on the town. 

6. Clinique Different Lipstick $15
-This is a really pretty every-day lipstick that is lightweight and comfortable.  I have this lipstick in Sweet Honey and works well to just swipe on in the morning before I go out.  

-I have this lipstick in Wine with Everything, 50% of me wanted it because yes, I do love a good red wine and the other 50% wanted a flattering shade of red for a pale-skinned strawberry blonde.  Red lips can be so classy and lovely, but the wrong red can be disastrous.  This is a bit more dark, but still has that cherry colored pop.  

-How can I express my love for this perfume... I want to drink it it's so good.  Now, I'm not crazy, I would never do this, but the smell is deliciously floral and fresh.  My boyfriend gave me a Sephora card as part of my Valentine present (he knows me very well) , I went in on a search for a new fragrance to wear for the Spring and Summer time.  The brilliant Sephora employee suggested that I spritzed my two favorite perfumes on, one on each wrist and walk around the store a bit to smell them on me.  She told me that some scents just don't mix with your natural scent.  Words of wisdom.  On one wrist I spritzed Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb and on the other Chanel's Chance.  Chance won by a long shot.  I just kept smelling my wrist, people thought I was a little weird, but that was fine. This perfume is perfect for you if you love lemon, citrus, or floral scents.

9. Kiehl Creme de Korps $30
-Slather this stuff on after you shower for super-soft moisturized skin.  It's a class that works wonders.

-Just don't ever by nail polish remover in a bottle from now on.  I'm impatient, and I dread the day when my nail polish begins to chip away and I know it's time to remove it.  I used to scrub and curse trying to get bright red and dark purple colors off my nails. This jar is awesome, it takes me significantly less time to put my finger into the weird spongey jar and wiggle it and Ta-Da, the nail polish is gone. Very good buy for very little!

-This lavender shade just makes me think of all the pretty spring flowers that are popping up.  It's part of Essie's French nail color line and I'm kind of in love with all the colors. 

12. Sephora by O.P.I in Leotard Optional Nail Color $10
-The mocha-beige color works well with lots of outfit choices.  This polish stays on forever and won't chip easily.  It's part of Sephora's Urban Ballerina Nail Color line which are all beautiful colors.

- I love this bright coral color on my toes this Spring.  It's a very happy bright color that instantly gives your nails a girly peach tone.

14. Sephora by O.P.I. in Traffic Stopper Copper $10
-This stuff is like Hogwart's Magic for your nails.  I love sparkly glitzy things but, in small doses, and this is perfect.  The coppery-colored specks in the clear polish look amazing on top of darker purple nails or on top of nude colored nails as well.  It also acts as a protective coat.  So pretty much, you have a sparkly force field on your nails.

15. Matrix Biolage Ultra-Hydrating Conditioning Balm $26
-I like to keep my hair long which means not cutting it for long periods of time.  In that growing process, sometimes your hair needs a moisture wake-up call.  Biolage's balm is a super-good smelling hair mask that makes your hair, silky, soft and healthy.  

16. Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo $5
-In the morning sometimes I'm running around trying to get so many things done I don't have time to jump in the shower let alone cook a decent breakfast.  Sometimes I know I'm going to need a shower at the end of the day because I get messy, painty, and gluey working with kids and doing art.  This dry shampoo is a good pick-me up for hair that may be lacking glamour.

17. Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum $20
-Every time I dry my hair I work a dime sized of this magic stuff into my hair.  It keeps away frizz, smells clean and lovely, and using it is kind of like  weather proofing you hair.