Morning Happiness

{I love my little coffee mugs from Pier 1}

This was one of those weeks when I was eagerly awaiting the weekend.  This morning, I made some strong coffee and sat with my cat and listened to some Bob Dylan.  It was incredibly nice to be stress free and peaceful for a bit. Opening my own children's art studio with a friend and fellow teacher was probably one of the most scary and amazing choices of my life, but it comes with enormous stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed.  Ninety percent of the time it's  amazing children, creativity, and hilarious stories, but this was a bit of crazy week.  So this morning I woke up looking forward to a couple of things that make me truly happy.

{Annabelle getting the last bit of milk from a cereal bowl}

{My Clinique face kit, (works wonders)}

{My new floral sheer shirts for Spring and Summer from Marshalls}

What get's you up in the morning?


  1. Let's see, I love going outside and seeing my plants growing. Enjoying the eternal spring of California. Exploring new places and finding surprising new adventures. :) Those coffee mugs are adorable! And so is your kitty! Miss you!

  2. :) Thanks so much, girl. I wish I had some plants growing outside and eternal spring. Miss you too, thanks for the comments and being supportive!