Blue Valentine

I've been trying extremely hard to watch as many movies on the Academy Award Nominations List as I can.  I kind of live for the Academy Awards... Every year my mom, my sister, and I get ready for the ridiculousness with big glasses of cheap red wine, a bowl of popcorn, our ballet lists, and big cheesy grins. We rip apart outfits and cheer when our favorites get the awards, scream and moan in annoyance and agony when someone undeserving and annoying gets it.  It's our Superbowl...  Anyways, this year I really tried to watch all the movies that were nominated or had actors and actresses that were nominated. My boyfriend and I laid in bed and watched Blue Valentine on my laptop the other night.  I ended up really loving it.  The more I think about it.  It's one of the love stories that makes your throat ache without making you cry.  Which can be worse.  Michelle Williams gives an emotional and heart wrenching performance of a woman that is quietly falling apart.  Ryan Gosling plays her husband who loves her so intensely that he ends up pushing her farther and farther away.  It was a great film that showcased two extremely talented actors. Not only did I really love the movie, I loved Michelle Williams fashion in the scenes when she is young.


I loved her plaid jacket and leather purse.

Here's an outfit I thought was similar to her's in many of the scenes:

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