The Small Things

{My BCBG Wedges from Marshalls (they look great with so many outfits)}

This week started off to a shaky start.  I had to sort through and figure out Student Loan payments and a budget plan.  Once this was figured out and all the lovely phone calls had been made, I felt much better.  Thank goodness I have a boyfriend, family, and friends that helps me stay calm and clear headed.  I know that once I start paying these loans, I won't have very much spending money.  Looking around my apartment, I have so many wonderful trinkets, objects, etc. that already make me so very happy.  I need to be thankful for all that I have and appreciate the small things around me.  Here are some things that I find lovely and make me happy every day.  What makes you feel randomly happy?
{Potted Basil from my Mom}

{Annie and the  Pepperomia Rainbow and Flaming Katie plants I potted}

{Coaster from Pier 1 I use as a spoon rest}

{My jewelry collection I keep in Antique and Thrift store teacups and bowls}

{The Antique Face Powder tin I found in Waynesville}

{The chest my friend Casey and I shared in college, also found in Waynesville}


  1. Lovely wedges....they look beautiful for spring :)

  2. Thank you! I'm excited about them. Your blog is amazing, so happy you got a new camera!