Watercolor Bouquets and Crystals

I've been working on a series of brightly colored watercolors and colored pencil drawings to sell on Etsy.    It's been so amazing getting back into doing personal art.  I haven't had very much time to just sit down and focus on all the different subjects I've been wanting to explore and make art about.  When I was in school I did a series of monotypes, etchings, and lithographs that were all about marine life, coral, and aquatic plants.  I've been so inspired by the beauty, design, and color of flowers.  Sitting at my kitchen table with my headphones on, listening to the Almost Famous Soundtrack and Elizabethtown soundtrack doing my art has been therapeutic and rewarding. Hopefully I'll have some more watercolors and drawing to show in the next couple of weeks as well as have an Etsy site going. 


  1. UGh, those watercolors are beautiful! I especially love the one that is all poppies. They have a bunch of poppies out on Main Street at Disneyland and they always remind me of you!

  2. Case, thank you so much! :) I'm gonna fill out the blog app you posted on my wall! Love you.