The Small Things

{Stripes and Polka-Dots; H&M Dress and Mod Cloth Dress}
Here are some of the small things I am appreciating around me today.  I love opening up my closet and seeing these fun polka-dots and bold stripes.  Both dresses have been perfect to wear with the muggy wet weather we've been having.  Both are made from lightweight material.  I love Voluspa candles, because they smell so divine and the tins are loverly.  I didn't want to throw away the tins once they were  done, so I cleaned them out and used them to store lipstick and gloss, safety pins, and paperclips.  I haven't had much time to cook these last couple of days, so I'm thinking of cracking one of these cookbooks tomorrow and making something yummy.  Also, I haven't worn this peachy skirt from H&M yet, but I think this weekend when I visit my friends in Oxford it will be a good pick with a striped shirt.  Last but not least My Little Miss Annie who likes to sit by the nail polish in the bathroom window and lick the steam off the window after someone has showered.  Oh kitties. What are the small things that are making you happy today?  

{Old Voluspa Candle Tins as organizers}

{Cookbooks in my kitchen}

{A Peachy Pick for Spring; H&M skirt}

{Essie and Annie}

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